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Florsheim Makes Financing Your New Home Easy

Florsheim Homes endorses a select group of preferred lenders to help you with your financing needs. These home loan experts can provide you with information on the many financing options available and help create the right program for your situation and goals. Click on one of the companies below to learn more or call your Florsheim Sales Representative for details.

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Helpful Tools for Today's Homebuyer

Florsheim Homes understands that buying a new home can be an exciting yet complex event. We've provided some tools below to help guide you through the process with a better understanding of what you need to know and what you can expect.


Curious about construction? Learn more about the home building process from preconstruction and framing to inspection and detailing. Building your new home is a detailed, multi-step process. Our 10 Stages of Construction will help you track your home's progress with a better understanding of the major activities that take place during each phase.

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Escrow, elevation, master-planned, foundation - housing jargon can daze and confuse. We make it easy to understand the lingo with clear definitions of common home building and buying terminology.


  • City/County Representative
    Building inspectors are employed by the City/County in the Building Department. They are often accredited by the International Committee of Building Officials (ICBO).

  • Close of Escrow
    This is when the title company records the Note and Deed of Trust on your home at the County Recorder’s office. At this point, title changes hands and you now own the property.

  • Contract Compliance
    Florsheim Homes is knowledgeable about all contract documents and we will ensure that each house is built per your sales contract and construction options.

  • Décor Options
    The final finishes (carpet, vinyl, wood or tile flooring, and quartz, granite or marble countertops) you choose to personalize your home.

  • Elevation
    This is the exterior design or style of your home. Often referred to as A, B or C, or perhaps by the style itself (i.e. Spanish), the builder pre-determines which elevations are plotted to insure a pleasant and varied streetscene.

  • Finish Plumbing
    Final placement of finish materials - faucet handles, shower handles, shower head, top mount sinks and toilets. At this time the hot water heater is installed and the furnace is hooked up; everything is operable.

  • Floorplan
    This is the actual layout of the home including living, dining, kitchen and bedroom areas. A builder will offer several floorplans and you can choose the best one to suit your needs.

  • Model Home
    A professionally decorated and landscaped house which is representative of a finished home. A model is the showcase, but often builders offer many more plans than are modeled and decorated.

  • Plot map (or plan)

    A plan showing your overall lot configuration and an outline of how your home is sited on the lot. This is normally dimensioned showing front, side and rear setbacks to property lines.

  • Polyseal

    Foam used in window and door openings to weatherproof. Stops most penetration of outside air and will provide great energy savings.

  • Rafter
    Rafter, or truss, is the engineered roof framing system which forms the exterior roofline of your home. Some rafters have a flat lower cord, and some are sloped and this will provide a unique interior space, or volume, within the home.

    Rough Plumbing

    Installation of plumbing services (under the slab) that supply all of the fixtures in the house. This includes water and waste drainage from bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.

  • Sheetrock
    A thin board consisting of a coat of gypsum covered with heavy paper, used in wide sheets (4x8 and 4x12) as a base for walls. (Also known as drywall).

  • Structural Options
    Items such as dens, lofts, fireplaces or other room options, cabinets, door hardware and plumbing options that you have selected to tailor fit your needs.

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