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Florsheim Homes is commited to enriching the communities in which we build “one step at a time, one house at a time” through the FSB Family Fund. As a longtime supporter of local charities in need, Florsheim has raised over $2 million for charitable organizations! The FSB Family Fund, a Florsheim Homes non-profit affiliate, makes consistent donations based upon the volume of homes built each year. Over the years, our mission has focused on supporting organizations that help local women and children. To fulfill this purpose, our organization has held fundraising events, both live and virtually.


Florsheim Homes was founded in 1983 with the goal of building a few homes for friends and family. As the business grew over the years, so did our ability to touch people’s lives and provide shelter to more than just our homeowners. To Florsheim Homes, being homebuilders also means that we can help to build the dreams of those less fortunate and apply our resources so that we can have the most meaningful, most immediate impact on the lives of Central Valley families.


We align ourselves with charitable organizations, both big and small, dedicated to a variety of different causes. See the snapshots below for an introduction to some of our favorite charities!


Florsheim Homes routinely partners with our trade contractors and employees to help reach our giving goals, as we find that working as a team often generates the best ideas and results. We are happy with many of our strategic alliances, and our more than 40 years of dedication to providing shelter and care for our costumers and those in need.

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